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ZHU RAN Museum

ZHU RAN Museum

Zhu Ran museum is located inthe southern city of Yushan township south of the three kingdoms Zhu Ran'stomb. It takes ten minute to get to Zhu RanMuseum from maanshan railway stationsquare by bus.

Zhu Ran tomb was unearthed inJune 1984. Many rare and precious cultural relics unearthed along with thetomb. Some of the lacquer was used to fill the blank of The Three Kingdomshistory.  In addition, excavations fromsoochow burial were perceived to be the highest Tombs of that era. They werelisted as one of the top ten archaeological discoveries of China in the 80 s.

One, in The Three Kingdomshistory in miniature Zhu Ran cultural relics exhibition, the three Zhu Ran exhibitioncultural relics, as the national key cultural relics protection unit, Located inYushan area Maanshan southern city, Anhui province  is only 40 kilometers from the six dynasties ancientcapital Nanjing, transportation is very convenient.

Library was founded in 1987,after years of expansion, covers an area of 11000 square meters, main bodyconstruction as a set of imitation of han style of classical buildings. There arehalls Zhu Ran rooms The unearthed relics halls Zhu Ran life relief promenade Pavilionantique weapons The halls of the tomb Zhu Ran family Watchtower Zhong Gu venuessuch as the opening to the outside world, auxiliary facilities, the rest area isalso very complete there are halls ZhuRan rooms the unearthed relics halls Zhu Ranlife relief promenade pavilion antique was the halls of the tomb Zhu Ran familywatchtower zhong gu venues to the as the opening to the outside world, auxiliaryfacilities,  Outside the mountains far away,the sceneries inside the green shadow of CaoCheng, cherry blossoms in spring, Augustosmanthus fragrance It is a display of The Three Kingdoms dongwu, historical andcultural characteristics of unique museum is also an ancient secluded spot, an excellenttourist resort leisure entertainment

Two,The three kingdomsv Zhu RanZhu Ran (A.D. 182-249), whos name is yifeng , Dan Yang +++ (now zhejiang anji).This name is shi, thirteen adoption to uncle Zhu Zhi for children .Teenager ZhuRan with sun quan  was  classmates, Zhu Ran north cao wei, west fromthe shu .Take a twenty-four years (AD 219), with Pan Zhang Zhu Ran before butthey guan yu Huang Wu first year (AD 222), the rate of Zhu Ran five thousandtroops to fight with Liu Xun liu bei, the wheaten cake joins camp fire in sevenhundred Since then, Zhu Ran guarding jingzhou town of jiangling, defeated thecao for half a year's siege and attack, at the age of 65, one of histraditional Zhu Ran officer Andrew left fu wu right strategist, become animportant general at the head of the wu army Wu Chiwu twelve years (AD 249)spring march died, aged 68.

Three, The unique threekingdoms burial group Zhu Ran tomb and his family cemetery Zhu Ran tomb was discoveredin 1984 in June, has been in the ground to sleep for over 1700 years. In the middleand lower reaches of the Yangtze river region has been unearthed more than threehundred wu tomb, were Zhu Ran identity as the highest, in June 1996, 33 meters insouthwest Zhu Ran tomb discovered several dongwu large burial, the six dynastiestomb archaeology experts identified as Zhu Ran family Tomb Zhu Ran total lengthof 8.7 meters, 3.54 meters wide, height 2.94 meters, from south to north in respectivelyRoom before sealing wall retaining wall, after the room such as a few parts Entirebrick tomb chamber structure is rigorous, rational layout, showing the three superbconstruction techniques when near the family's tomb with underline each other, enrichour understanding of the funeral customs and social consciousness.

Four, The consummate craftexquisite modelling Zhu Ran tomb unearthed relics Zhu Ran tomb unearthedlacquerware Bronze 140 pieces of cultural relics, such as green porcelainpottery copper more than 6000 pieces The unearthed lacquerware, is a majorarchaeological discoveries, fill in the history of the han to the six dynastieslacquer process in our country.

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