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Economic Development
Main per-capita economic indexes rank the first places for many consecutive years in Anhui Province. The main economic indexes in 2009 are as follows: (1) 66.59 billion yuan of GDP and 51,879 yuan of per-capita GDP (2) 12.231 billion yuan of fiscal revenue (3) USD 1733 million of the total volume of import and export of foreign trade (4) 20,390 yuan of annual per-capita disposal income of the urban residents and 7,947 yuan of annual per-capita ... more

City Construction and Development Plan
(1) City Conditions National Civilized City, National Sanitary City, the State Garden City, China Top Tourist City, China Model City for Environment Protection and National Landscaping Model City A member city of the economic coordination meeting of the Yangtze Rive Delta China Award for Best Practices in Living Environment and UN Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment 42.57% green coverage in the urba... more

Capital Costs
Maanshan has comparable advantages in capital and operational costs. The basic prices are as follows: Household water: 1.6 yuan / m3 Industrial water: 2.1 yuan / m3 Commercial water: 2.45 yuan/m3 Office water: 2.02 yuan/ m3 Household natural gas: 2.1 yuan/m3 Industrial natural gas: 2.56 yuan/ m3 Commercial natural gas: 2.8 yuan/ m3 Minimum monthly pay is set at 560 yuan in the city proper and 460 yuan in Dangtu County The enterprises s... more

Living Conditions
33.51 m2 per-capita living space for urban residents Tap water and gas utilized in the whole urban area 6 institutions of higher learning,6 provincial pilot high schools, 57 ordinary middle schools and 2 schools of special education State-class AAAA Caishi Scenic Area, where great poet Li Bai died 18 longitudinal and 8 transverse main roads; 47 bus lines 2 Class 3 Grade B comprehensive hospitals and over ten hospitals of other various grade... more

Investment Guidance
Foreign investment projects can be classified into the encouraged, allowable, restricted and prohibited four categories according to the State <>. The allowable projects are meant for those that do not belong to the categories of the encouraged, restricted and prohibited items. The Twelfth Plenary Session of the Seventh Maanshan Party Committee has decided that in view of the trend of the coastal industrial transfer and the actual conditions of ... more

Preferential Policies
The rate of enterprise income tax shall be 25% and came into force as of January 1, 2008. According to the provisions by the State Council, the enterprises that enjoyed lower income tax rates pursuant to the previous tax laws and administrative regulations may gradually transit to the tax rate of 25% within five years. During the interim, the enterprises with income tax rate of 15% shall enjoy 18% in 2008, 20% in 2009, 22% in 2010, 24% in 2011 an... more

Investment Areas
In the next five to ten years, Maanshan will develop, expanding eastward and southward, into a big city with an urban area exceeding 100 km2 and a population over 1 million. 1. Maanshan Economic and Technological Development Zone It is a State-level development zone with a planned area of 33 km2. Through last 10-yeasr’s development, the northern part of 8 km2 has been basically completed in construction and for project allocation, and the develop... more

Investment Service
1. Maanshan Administrative Service Center shall provide the investors with one-stop streamlined service for examination and approval. The investors shall submit the project application report, the enterprise contract and articles of association, etc for check and approval and required documents for commercial and industrial registration and registration in Customs, taxation and foreign exchange authorities. Maanshan is entitled to approve the fo... more

Geographic Location
Located in the subtropical zone, with annual average rainfall of 1080 mm and annual average temperature of 15.8; On the south bank of the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River and bordering on Nanjing city; At the conjunction of the coastal and the Yangtze River economic regions, an east door of Anhui opening to the outside world and a member city of the ecinomic coordination meeting of the Yangtze River Delta; 40 km from Nanjing downtown... more

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